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Preventing Catastrophic Failure in Mission

and Life Critical Systems for Over 25 Years

Robotic Hot Solder Dip

  • Tin Whisker Prevention
  • Refinishing With Tin/Lead and  Custom Solder Alloys
  • Lead-Free Solder Joint Weakness Prevention
  • Restoration of Solderability
  • Gold Embrittlement Prevention
  • RoHS Compliance

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BGA Reballing

  • Conversion to Tin-Lead
  • Conversion to RoHS  Compliance
  • Ball Attach to Leadless Packages
  • LGA Gold Removal and Ball Attach

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Lead Preparation


  • Component Lead Trim and Form for Board Assembly
  • Re-Conditioning of Bent or  Damaged Leads
  • Lead-Attach to Leadless Chip Carriers
  • Lead Coplanarity Restoration

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  • Solderability Testing
  • XRF – X-Ray Fluorescence  Analysis
  • Scanning Acoustic Microscopy
  • Fine and Gross Leak Seal Testing
  • Ionic Contamination Testing

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Other Solutions

  • Tape and Reel
  • Component Harvesting from PWA
  • GEIA-STD-0006 Finish Replacement Qualification
  • Engineering and Compliance Support
  • J-STD-033 Dry Bake and MSL Packaging
  • Kitting
  • GEIA-STD-0003 and JEP160 Long Term Storage Packaging
  • Expedite Services
  • Component Marking and Labeling

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