Industries Served


Corfin supports every first tier defense contractor worldwide along with hundreds of their second and third tier subcontractors, contract manufacturers, distributors and logistics providers for weapons systems, avionics, terrestrial and space based communications, radar, power distribution, guidance, navigation, GPS positioning, missile and fire control, avionics, fuzing, command and control, ground stations, aerospace, shipboard, imaging, sonar, nuclear and other critical applications.


Corfin supports commercial aerospace applications worldwide including satellite, launch systems, avionics, command and control, black box, communications, navigation, power distribution and other applications.


Corfin supports implantable and external medical applications including pacemakers, defibrillators, nerve stimulators, imaging, insulin pumps, oncology and life sustaining equipment.


Corfin supports nuclear energy, electrical power generation and distribution, sensors, lasers, power supplies, oil and gas and a wide range of industrial products and equipment.


Corfin supports safety critical, switching and signaling, power generation and distribution, engine control and other railway and OTR applications.


Corfin supports down hole requirements for oil and gas drilling where severe temperatures and conditions require custom termination finishes.


Corfin supports wireless, satellite, cell stations, equipment, power supplies, oscillators and datacom applications.