Lead Preparation

leadpreparation4In addition to tin-whisker and gold embrittlement risk elimination, Corfin also provides lead preparation services. Corfin’s RHSD equipment can perform lead preparation in-line with soldering providing customers a complete and efficient solution. Here are some of our lead preparation services:



  • Component Lead Trim and Form for Board Assembly. Forms and trims straight leads for surface mount or through-hole components per the customer’s drawing or Corfin Industries can propose a drawing. An RHSD process typically follows this process to coat leads and prevent oxidization.
  • Reconditioning of Bent or Damaged Leads. Robotic process realigns leads that are bent and scans to verify results. A thorough pre-process inspection is done prior to reconditioning to determine if the lead damage is repairable.
  • Lead-Attach to Leadless Chip Carriers. Reduce solder joint stress by attaching J-shape and L-shape leads to LCCs using thermocompression bonding.

For more information please download our Lead Attach Brochure or download our Services Brochure.